Project Details

Nimblebot's team was eager to partner with the City of Cambridge to redesign their COVID-19 website. The requirements included comprehensive website design, social media posts, newsletter templates, and illustrations to reinforce messaging across multiple platforms. We delivered on the high standards the city requested, completing the initial 3-month scope of work before the deadline. Our team was grateful to be producing such important work at that pivotal moment in time, and the City of Cambridge was glad to get such vital information out so quickly.



Web Design


Print Design

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Web Design

Nimblebot started with assessing the existing COVID website, addressing navigation, and reviewing Information architecture. We identified the needs of the City of Cambridge website visitors and ensured the site stayed accessible to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Scam Alert Video

We created a video script to warn citizens (especially seniors) from scammers promising access to coronavirus vaccines for a substantial payment. The primary audience was senior citizens over 65 years old.

Print Designs

The City of Cambridge required both digital and print designs. We included flyers, posters, print templates, and brochures to present the message in various formats.


We designed modular illustrations based on the client's input, target audience, and objectives for use with the city's digital and print material. We aimed to capture the city's unique features, including its people, policies, and culture.

Interactive Web Design

We held the end-user in high consideration while our team adapted the main header, making it interactive to showcase relevant information concerning COVID-19 actions and plans along with a calendar format for easy-to-read information.