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The Analytics Event Series
This MIT/NASDAQ event aimed to showcase faculty, students, and alumni innovation and social impact MIT community members accomplish so much in a given year. The challenge is, "how do we tell these stories in clear, concise, engaging ways?”



Mobile App Design


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Nimblebot created an immersive event space, including a series of videos, motion graphics, and an entire interactive app placed throughout the event venue. Motion walls, app stories, and other immersive storytelling depicted the sense of data ubiquity, highlighting specific MIT breakthroughs in health care, consumer finance, and construction.

MIT Holiday Greeting 2018

The story

The Office of the President at MIT has returned to Nimblebot 3 times during the holiday.

Bringing vision to life

Most recently, Nimblebot designed and animated a virtual paper-cut animation. Closely following key creative and messaging goals, Nimblebot’s 60-second production reflects a strategic understanding of key accomplishments, departments, stakeholders, and alumni engagement opportunities - woven together in this 60-second piece.