Project Details

Rapid7, global leader in cybersecurity, wanted to create an unorthodox animated Christmas greeting. Rapid7 pitched a poem about hackers and security culture and Nimblebot worked on the copy, concept, visuals, story, animation, and post-production. True to their name, Rapid7 needed this 3 month project completed in under a month.



Editorial Design

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Nimblebot immediately cleaned up the poem’s rhyme and meter, while translating the script into a futuristic Christmas dreamscape with character study. The final design brought high tech Santa, Santa complex, VR technology, and laid back security-culture lecturer Rudolph -as well as a hologram of scam Santa - boldly to life.


Nimblebot x Rapid7... ACCESS GRANTED

For Rapid7’s annutal Under the Hoodie report and production, Nimblebot was charged with presenting a covid-safe production solution aimed at bringing levity to the property’s existing “Mr. Robot themed hacker vibe.”

Rapid7 charged Nimblebot to create 10 minutes of highly detailed animation within 6 weeks. The final product tells the true behind-the-scenes stories of of Rapid7’s penetration testers simulate criminal breaches for key clients, uncovering security flaws and preventing billions of dollars in damage and liability.