Project Details

Rapid7, a global leader in cybersecurity, wanted to create an unorthodox animated Christmas greeting. Rapid7 pitched a poem about hackers and security culture, and Nimblebot worked on the copy, concept, visuals, story, animation, and post-production. True to their name, Rapid7 needed this three-month project completed in under a month.



Editorial Design

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Nimblebot immediately cleaned up the poem’s rhyme and meter while translating the script into a futuristic Christmas dreamscape with character study. The final design brought high-tech Santa, Santa complex, VR technology, and laid-back security-culture lecturer Rudolph -as well as a hologram of scam Santa - boldly to life.


Nimblebot x Rapid7... ACCESS GRANTED

For Rapid7’s annual Under the Hoodie report and production, Nimblebot was charged with presenting a covid-safe production solution aimed at bringing levity to the property’s existing “Mr. Robot themed hacker vibe.”

Rapid7 charged Nimblebot to create 10 minutes of highly detailed animation within six weeks. The final product tells the true behind-the-scenes stories of Rapid7’s penetration testers to simulate criminal breaches for key clients, uncovering security flaws and preventing billions of dollars in damage and liability.